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…dweeb! Mikes gonna fuck you, then Ill fuck you! Think about big hard stud dick fucking your dweeb cunt! Think about our hairy fuck sacks shooting loads and loads of cum up your skinny ass!

David let out another moan as I stuck a second young gay teen boys in his about to be fuck hole. It stayed nice and tight, just seemed to stretch to take my fingers. I knew teen boys wrestling should work him a while longer, but teen boys video shit felt too good, so I pulled my fingers on out.

I positioned myself to fuck, aiming my dick at the little ass hole. My dick head looked pretty big as I rubbed it against the dweebs pucker. I could feel the heat escaping from it.

David tried again, Mike, dont! I dont think I can take it! Ahhhhhhh…. no!

I pushed teenage boys naked his hole, using more and more force. It opened, and my cock head pushed deep inside. It was nice, different then cunt, real nice!

Mike, its hurting, its hurting bad! David cried out.

He continued to cry and squeal as I sunk young naked teen boys deeper, deeper, now balls deep. I stayed motionless, just feeling his ass ring spasm, enjoying the heat, the tightness.

Mike, it hurts, please take it out! David said, gasping in pain.

Dweeb, you got my hard fuck tool in you, aint it supposed to hurt? I laughed. Now, its fuck time! Time to to stretch your nerd cunt!

I grabbed hold of Davids skinny little teen bi boys and begin to plunge in and out. I built up fuck speed, fucking like crazy. At first…

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